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The Continuing Saga Of The Work Injury Benefits Act

Date Posted:  2019-06-14 18:12:45

In Juma Nyamawi Ndungo and ors. vs. the Attorney General [2019] eKLR, the H..

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High Court Orders The Sale Of A Vessel To Recover The Repair Costs Of The Vessel

Date Posted:  2019-05-23 18:36:50

In the case of the owners of the vessel Midsummer vs. Southern Engineering ..

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Seafarers' Rights In The Context Of The Maritime Labour Convention 2006: The Need For Kenya To Ratify The Convention

Date Posted:  2019-05-23 07:36:14

A book authored by one of the partners in the law firm.

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IMO Issues Guidelines On Fatigue

Date Posted:  2019-03-15 17:36:41

Fatigue is a hazard because it may affect a seafarer’s ability to do their job effective..

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BIMCO Publishes Two Sulphur Content Related Bunker Clauses

Date Posted:  2019-03-07 22:20:13

BIMCO 2020 Marine Sulphur Content Clause for Time Charter Parties
BIMCO 2020 Fuel T..

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Battling Maritime Terrorism

Date Posted:  2018-04-12 17:12:59

We have advised the Government of Kenya to take several steps to strengthen the law on mar..

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Interest On A Decree

Date Posted:  2018-04-26 14:04:39

On March the 16th 1982, Chief Justice Simpson gave Practice Note no 1 of 1982, which basic..

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The United States Supreme Court Decides That Foreign Corporations May Not Be Sued Under The Alien Tort Statute

Date Posted:  2018-04-26 14:13:08

On 24 April 2018, a divided United States Supreme Court (the Court) held, in Jesner et al...

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Constitutionality Of Amendments To The Auctioneers Act

Date Posted:  2018-04-26 15:11:07

The High Court of Kenya found in Josephat Musila Mutua & 9 others v Attorney General &..

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2010 HNS Protocol

Date Posted:  2018-04-30 15:58:14

Canada and Turkey deposited, on 23 April 2018, instruments of ratification of the 2010 HNS..

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Kenya Coast Guard Service Bill

Date Posted:  2018-05-22 12:15:45

The Kenya Coast Guard Service Bill, 2017 (the Bill) has been published as National Assembl..

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Recognition Of Foreign Judicial Sale Of Ships

Date Posted:  2018-05-23 05:50:41

There is currently no international instrument that addresses the recognition of judicial ..

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LITASCO Clauses As Incorporated Into The EXXONMOBILVOY 2005 Form Of A Charterparty

Date Posted:  2018-06-03 07:16:57

In Lukoil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd v Ocean Tankers Pte Ltd (The Ocean Neptune), an appeal from..

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Constitutionality Of Structured Compensation Liability And Limitation Of Liability In Motor Vehicle Insurance

Date Posted:  2018-06-03 07:12:54

In the case of Justus Muthiga and others vs. The Law Society of Kenya, the Court of Appeal..

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The Computer Misuse And Cybercrimes Act

Date Posted:  2018-05-31 14:56:51

Parliament recently enacted the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act, 2018 which the Presid..

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United States Settles Lawsuit Alleging That Contractor Falsely Overcharged The U.S. Navy For Ship Husbanding Services

Date Posted:  2018-06-03 10:15:57

Inchcape Shipping Services Holdings Limited and certain of its subsidiaries (collectively,..

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Can A Charterer Obtain A 50/50 Apportionment For Cargo Liability Under The New York Produce Exchange Agreement?

Date Posted:  2018-06-04 14:12:21

The English High Court in the case of Agile Holdings Corporation (Claimant) v Essar Shippi..

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The Return Of The Work Injury Benefits Act

Date Posted:  2018-06-06 14:09:09

In a rather interesting decision the Court of Appeal of Kenya, in the Attorney-General vs...

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Transparency, Verifiability And Accountability In Elections

Date Posted:  2018-06-08 16:19:57

The Court of appeal of Kenya today nullified the election of Governor Alfred Mutua. The ap..

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Is The Bunker Supplier The Owner Of Maritime Liens In The US?

Date Posted:  2018-06-15 12:18:03

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit became the latest U.S. court to hold that..

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Amendments Adopted By The International Maritime Organization And Coming Into Force On The 1st Of July, 2018

Date Posted:  2018-07-07 17:47:15

Amendments to the STCW Convention and the STCW Code - Passenger ship safety training (Adop..

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Job Evaluation For The Clerks Of The County Assemblies

Date Posted:  2018-07-06 16:27:04

In what may be seen as a blow to the implementation of the Job Evaluation for the Public S..

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The OPRC-HNS 2000

Date Posted:  2018-07-13 18:08:13

The Protocol on Preparedness, Response and Co-operation to Pollution Incidents by Hazardou..

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The High Court Stays The Implementation Of The Work Injury Benefits Act

Date Posted:  2018-08-08 17:03:10

In an interesting twist, the High Court of Kenya has issued a conservatory order in the fo..

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The High Court Declines An Invitation To Nullify The Appointment Of Special Seat Nominated Members Of The County Assemblies

Date Posted:  2018-02-10 10:05:59

The National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) instituted a petition, i.e. Nairobi HC ..

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Port State Control CIC On MARPOL Annex VI (Air Pollution) From 1 Sept To 30 Nov 2018

Date Posted:  2018-08-20 16:54:54

The Maritime Authorities of the Tokyo and the Paris Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on Po..

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ISO 45001 - Occupational Health And Safety

Date Posted:  2018-08-22 11:37:34

Over 7 600 people die each day from work-related accidents or diseases - thats over 2.78 m..

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Departure From Contract Voyage Is A Fundamental Breach

Date Posted:  2018-09-20 13:00:00

The English Commercial Court in the case Dera Commercial Estate v Derya Inc (The SUR) deci..

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Inclusion Of The Senate In The Treaty Ratification Process

Date Posted:  2018-10-03 16:11:38

The Treaty Making and Ratification (Amendment) Bill, 2018 (the Bill) has been introduced i..

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Cargo Liquefaction On Bulk Carriers

Date Posted:  2018-11-02 09:25:58

According to Dennis Bryant, a maritime consultant in the United States, a shocking number ..

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Claimants Arresting Ships And Cross-Undertakings In Damages

Date Posted:  2018-12-13 13:08:16

The appeal was brought by a vessel owner against a decision of Teare J., who had dismissed..

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Presumptive Tax

Date Posted:  2019-01-03 07:53:02

The Finance Act, 2018 (the Act) has introduced a presumptive tax on resident persons with ..

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