The Fisheries Management and Development Bill, 2023

The Fisheries Management and Development Bill, 2023 (the Bill) is intended to be an Act of Parliament to provide for the conservation, management and development of fisheries and
other aquatic resources to enhance the livelihood of communities dependent on fishing and to establish the Kenya Fisheries Services and for connected purposes.

The Bill is dated the 16th of June, 2023 and has not yet, as far as we know, gone through the first (1st) reading in Parliament.

The Bill appears to be a comprehensive legislation aimed at protecting, managing, and developing Kenya’s fisheries resources. The Bill outlines various provisions and principles to ensure sustainable use, conservation, and the enhancement of livelihoods for fishing communities. It focuses on promoting long-term sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and effective ecosystem management. The Bill also highlights the establishment of the Kenya Fisheries Advisory Council and the Kenya Fisheries Service to provide guidance, regulate activities, conduct research, and coordinate fisheries management efforts. Overall, the bill seems to be designed to promote responsible and sustainable fisheries practices in Kenya.

In case you need any clarification or specific advise on the Bill, don’t hesitate to call on us.

The Bill can be obtained downloaded at the following link, i.e.,

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