2010 HNS Protocol

Canada and Turkey deposited, on 23 April 2018, instruments of ratification of the 2010 HNS Protocol and had thereby become, respectively, the second and third Contracting States to the Protocol. The three Contracting States received, in 2017, a total quantity of 28,713,155 tonnes of cargo contributing to the general account. This means that, to enter into force, the 2010 Protocol needs only nine more contracting States and only one with more than 2 million gross tonnage of shipping. Statistically 72% of the contributing cargo required for entry into force has been achieved. It is vitally important for a nation like Kenya, which has made a clean environment, a fundamental right, to start thinking positively of the steps to take to accede to this important international instrument. The law firm will continue to advice the Government and the public in general of the importance of this international instrument. For further insights on the 2010 HNS Protocol in relation to Kenya please go to https://goo.gl/mBjsgA

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  • Sylvie Faria

    2018-09-18 18:41:17

    This is a impressive story. Thanks

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